A lot has happened since 1991. Loimer set up a winery to give his wines time and space. Then he converted the entire estate to biodynamic farming so that the wines would achieve even more liveliness and authentic expression. And he continued to advance the process of sparkling wine production even further. His two Sekt wines, Extra Brut Reserve and Brut Rosé Reserve, have been on the market for several years now. Both sparkling wines are made for the most part from the Zweigelt and Pinot Noir varieties and present a clear, pure direction. Now comes the tip of Loimer’s Sekt pyramid on the market: the Grosse Reserve, made entirely of white wine grapes grown solely in Langenlois.

The grapes are hand-picked grapes from cool and mineral-rich vineyard sites and are the basis for this Grosse Reserve. The vineyard parcels were specifically selected by Fred Loimer: located at an altitude of 280 to 380 meters and with a view over Langenlois, the soils here are comprised primarily of loess (which provides excellent water storage) and gneiss (responsible for the puristic, angular character). Responsible for the freshness and the dynamic acidity is the continental climate bringing hot summer days along with the cool nights sent from forests in the Waldviertel region to the north. The varieties Chardonnay (85%), Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris ensure the elegance and creaminess of the Sekt. And its poise and harmony – that’s the result of biodynamic farming.